Training Programmes:

Management & Leadership Development Centre is a synonym for Excellence in all the disciplines where Employee Relations for Organizational Behaviour are concerned. MLDC has also conducted training programmes for developing Managers in the areas like:

  • Planning for Superannuation (2days)
    The 2 day workshop is designed to facilitate and prepare participant on future life post retirement and How to continue to lead a Happy, Healthy, Active and Meaning full life.
  • Succession Planning (2days)
    Planning for future managers of an organization, interactive sessions for looking at schedules, presentations, reports and having practical plan in place
  • Team Building & Conflict Management (2days)
    Focusing on issues and collective wisdom and working through exercises and role plays, there by identifying the core issues and removing the blocks
  • Excellence through Motivation and Positive Attitude (2 day)
    The workshop is designed to bring out the skills, virtues and positives an individuals holds. Through interactions and exercises, making one aware of his or her true potential.
  • Stress Management & Self Empowerment - Work-Life Balance (2 day)
    As there are in general stress in life, the wokshop designed in a way to introspect and identify on How a person can remain stress free without getting disturbed by outer pressure from different sources and bring balance in life.
  • Industrial Relations for Organizational Success
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Govt. Guidelines and implementation (1 day)
    This Seminar based on CSR to look at ways to further strengthen the Core Areas of Social responsibility of an Organization and individual also there by Making a difference in lives of poor and needy persons.
  • Govt. Policy on Reservation in Recruitment & Promotion and implementation  (1 day)
  • Dealing with Right to Information

Team Building and Conflict Management (2 days)
The workshop is designed to facilitate the transition of a group of individuals into a cohesive team, thus, resulting in clearly defined objectives and goals, better understanding of team processes, improved leadership skills and effectively managing interpersonal barriers.

Effective Conflict Management (1 day)
The program provides insightful tools to anticipate and effectively diffuse potential conflicts without any ego or personality issues, thus enhancing trust, collaboration and team work.

Enhancing Personal Excellence (2 days)
This workshop provides insights into effective management of ‘all aspects of life’ letting one be joyful and effective in personal and professional life.

From Managers to Leaders (2 days)
This program helps participants to understand leadership people practices for increasing commitment and personal productivity of their team members.

Preparing for Corporate ( 2-4 days)
This program helps GETs/ETs/ MTs to complete the transition form campus to corporate life as smoothly as possible. It implies changes in some fundamental perspectives and habits: right from dressing, etiquette and body language, communication to subtler aspects of expectations and taking ownership and accountability for both efforts and results.
Effective Presentation Skills ( 2 days)
This workshop includes videography and instant feedback while providing practical techniques and tools to balance content and delivery aspects essential for a successful presentation.

Effective Time Management (1 day)
This program is designed to equip one with time management techniques and practices, having more productive meetings and follow up plans and practical tools for improving productivity and satisfaction, and striking a balance between work and life.  

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness  (2 days)
The workshop aims to identify the participant's professional strengths, and provide practical tools and techniques for more effective goal setting, planning and priositising for doing more in the same available time.

Competency Based Interviewing Skills (1 day)

Effective Business Communication Skills (1 day)





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